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Fuel Free Car


Well-Known Member
These people stripped down a car and put some pedals on it. They were taking it for a test ride and got pulled over by the cops. It's pretty neat but I don't think this car will make it up a steep hill cause it will need a lot of major pedaling. Going down a hill would be fun but I'm not sure what kind of breaking system this car has. I think they got pulled over because they didn't have plates for the car and maybe no back window gave it away too.

LiveLeak.com - Pedal-Car Gets Pulled Over By Toronto Cops.


blue 3
Haha thats pretty hilarious. I mean it's pretty stupid, but it's funny. Reminds me of the Flinstones. I wish that was possible to have a fuel-free car, but we can't get that lucky. Thats pretty funny that they were pulled over. Haha. Also, isn't it illegal not to have a back window? I wonder how much their ticket turned out to be, knowing my luck if I got pulled over I'd get hit with everything. Haha.


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This has nothing to do with the subject lol but i just signed up for this and how do i make a whole new subject to talk about like starting a thread