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Fuck Covid


Creeping On You
You know, whatever our opinions on whatever, covid, the new spanish flu, is shitting on us all around the globe. Come vent here. Come tell covid to go fuck itself. hastag fuck covid, what can covid go fuck itself for you? Today's my first/oldest nieces bday and I can't go see her cause i still gotta work, and so I can't risk that one of the guys at work came in contact. we wipe tools, we distance but its not 100%. I live by myself and i can't go see my family as dysfunctional as it is. So fuck you covid. fuck you. fuck my company but fuck covid moreso.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
My issue with that bastard COVID:



Better Call Saul
Staff member
i like working from home though!

but seriously, it can fuck off. its destroying lives, businesses and sports