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Fruits Basket!


Ms. Malone
OK! Who here likes Furuba?

I love the Manga and i've seen the first six episodes of the anime. I love Kyo ^_^ i'm in a year of the cat fan club with a friend! ^___^

So, fave character, episode and...anything else?

Let's hear it!

Keyblade Wielder

I'm totally in love with Furuba. It's been my favorite manga and anime ever since it came out. :D Ever since I picked up Volume 2 from the bookstore shelf, I just couldn't put it down and stop reading! There's always been something interesting about every volume and episode.

My favorite character would have to be Hatori because he's one of the most kindest people who always thinks about others I guess... My favorite episode would have to be where Tohru and Yuki go to visit Ayame's Clothing Shop. That episode was so hilarious when Ayame started running towards Yuki in a wedding dress!! That Ayame... so close yet so far.... XD


Ms. Malone
Yeah, I've read that one! And i love it when he first comes into it. Yuki storms into the house and holds Ayame up in his snake form and says to Shigure 'Skin him. Now. Barbecue the bastard.' I laughed so hard my sides hurt.


I never really did read the manga because i saw all the episodes. Yes, I know that the story changes when Manga becomes Anime but I just become lazy and I don't read the manga. Kyo and Yuki are my favorite. I absolutely abhor Ayame. He's just... weird.
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