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Movies Frozen


Anyone here seen Frozen? I saw it yesterday and really enjoyed it. I already want to see it again. It helps that one of my all time favourite broadway stars, Idina Menzel does one of the main voices.

I've really been enjoying Disney films of late. Wreck-It-Ralph, Frozen and Tangled were all great. I hope Disney continues this trend in the future. Tangled and Frozen in particular both follow the trend of really great Disney Princess films.


Sally Twit
Is Frozen the kind of film that adults can enjoy as much as kids? Like Shrek for example.
The trailer I saw didn't really sell it to me, but it has a really high score on IMDb.


Hmm, that's really hard for me to say. I am a huge Disney nerd, and study animation so I've always been obsessed with films like this no matter what my age. This one is more of a classic Disney Princess movie. So I guess in a way it is aimed more at younger girls. But any adult who enjoys other Disney films, or even broadway style musicals will like this I think. The musical style is amazing in this film, and would feel right at home on stage in Broadway or the West End.

In the end it really just depends on how much as an adult you enjoy other animated family films, in particular Disney ones.
Oh I just thought of something. A good indicator of whether you may like this or not will be if you liked Tangled or not. Both have a similar feel to them. They are both computer animated Disney musicals, with more of a classic Disney Princess feel to them.
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