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PC Games Frozen Synapse


AKA Ass-Bandit
I just recently bought this game, and I'm having a blast with it. Frozen Synapse is a turn based strategy game from indie developer, Mode 7. But when I call it turn-based, there's a slight twist; instead of standard turn-based games, where you take a turn and then your opponent gets one, and so on, you both make a plan for your units to follow, and once you both finalise your plan, the plans are done simultaneously. Because of this, what you had planned to do may get screwed up by your opponent doing something completely different.

The game features both 55 single player missions and multiplayer, with maps being randomised with each battle The graphics are rather simplistic; it's simply a top-down view of a blue battlefield with green figures to denote your units, and red characters to denote the enemy's. But considering this is a game all about the strategy, it doesn't matter much; it's a bit like asking a game of chess to have full HD features up the arse.

I can't personally make a video showing the actual gameplay (there is a video uploading feature, but it only shows the battle without the planning parts), so instead here's a video of an earlier build of the game. Apart from a few UI changes, it's pretty much the same as what you see.

YouTube - ‪Frozen Synapse: Raw Gameplay from the Current Build‬‏

Anyone else got it? What do you think of it?