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Frozen Dinners


Sultan of Swat
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I am wondering if there's anyone here that are huge fans of Frozen dinners? Personally, I'm not a big fan, they're very convenient to bring to work or school for lunches, but other then that I don't eat them. I especially don't like the Pasta frozen dinners, it's just not the same, the sauce isn't good and neither is the pasta itself.

How about you guys?


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They totally suck ass.
They never warm all the way thru.....they never look, or taste, the way the box portrays.
And some of them, don't even resemble food after you have heated them!
I wish they were more tasty, because they are a handy little item that a person who lives alone can just pop into the microwave, or as you said, take to work/school.
But I don't eat them.....years ago I had a few, but not anymore.


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No, never had a frozen dinner! Sounds like they're pretty shit though. What I do when making meals is make more portions than I need so that I can freeze them. I put one out in the morning and it's ready to heat in the evening. It takes the same time to cook 4 portions of pasta sauce or whatever as it does one. I don't have a microwave so by the time I've heated the sauce or stew or whatever the fresh pasta or veg is ready.


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Like Biz said, they're handy for lunches at work but that's about it. There is never enough in them to fill me up for an actual meal. Some of them can taste okay, but they never look like they do on the box, and generally the meat in them is questionable.
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Kachi lemongrass chicken is delish! Also Lean Cuisine Asian chicken is good. I also like Michaleana's cheese lasagna, not as good as Stoffers lasagna but ok in a pinch. Healthy Choice pot stickers are really good too, and the turkey medallions with butternut squash.

Not a fan of Swanson and potpies or pictsweet veggies.


yellow 4!
Not a huge fan but eh, I don't mind them. They're very convenient for someone who dislikes cooking, is lazy, and isn't too bothered about the quality of their food on a day to day basis, haha. That said, I rarely have them, especially not at home.


Embrace the Suck
I rarely eat them now but I loved them when I was in law school. It was a decent and very cheap meal so I ate them fairly often. Plus I didn't have time to cook.


still nobody's bitch
Have you ever read the ingredients list on frozen meals? :sick:

Unless you shell out at least $3 for one dish for Amy's or Kashi. I generally avoid them, but Trader Joe's has some decent ones.


Embrace the Suck
Yes Jeanie but pretty much everything is bad for you. I'd take that over drinking alcohol any day.


Living in Ikoria
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I wouldn't count myself as a huge fan, but I like having them around for times that I need them. I can't really cook (yet?).

A brand that I've been eating for Asian dishes is called Kahiki...it's good stuff, I'd recommend it. I don't know about the nutritional value.

I'll have to look into Kachi. I have some Lean Cuisine stuff waiting in the freezer right now.