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cat's meow

Honestly, I am not very interested (until the end of the season/playoffs) about pro FB, they all run the same plays and do things the same way with this rotation of the same coaches going from team to team.

With that said, I am a Texas alum and work at a U which has a D1 team in CUSA.

From yesterday...home sick so I watched more FB than I could probably stand (that or sleep)

Texas: I am glad they survived but am not sure what to say as an alum, I saw the whole game (basically). Texas made mistakes and those really have to be cleaned up, they will not beat Oklahoma if those same mistakes plague them in Dallas. Now, with that said, UCF made mistakes too but played well due to the 'openning day' momentum they had in their new stadium there on campus.

USC: I am not sure if this was because USC is good or the Cornheads are NOT that good. Nebraska WILL NOT make it to the Big 12 Championship, that is not a #14 team and were ranked way to high. They made Pop Warner league mistakes over and over, they looked beffuddled at best. Not a good team, and that was in their house (I had to turn if off it
was such a bad game). Oregon and Cal are better matchups this year for USC, this is one of the very few years you will hear me say the PAC Ten is stronger than the Big 12 or Big 10.

Memphis (my employer): That was at home and for sure should have won it (which they did). Jacksonville St is a 1-AA team so this is the one gimme' the Tigers got this year. Memphis got to air out thier offense and see what it really could do, which is a good thing. Good timing to have this confidence builder for them since CUSA is better this year. Memphis got their game from last week (against Ark St) posponed due to bad weather. That may have been good timing to allow Memphis this win to test some things out. Ark St won the Sun Belt last year and is another one of these schools recently putting a lot of $ into FB like UCF, Tulsa, UTEP, and USF.

Others: the Louisville/Kentucky game that we had here locally. It was quite a show at the end, a lot of fun to watch the upset. The Wildcats played like there was no tomorrow and dashed Louisville's hopes for a NC. The QB for Kentucky was a cold as ice and threw a last minute pass to win this thing. What a call, nobody saw coming, the receiver got in behind everyone. Sort of like the way the Boise St/Oklahoma bowl ended, the best of the games from yesterday I thought.

Ark/Bama was also a real surprise and became a good game when Ark came roaring back after being way down. I watched some of that, some good moments.

Bottom line about ND/ Charlie Weiss. He promises a lot with a lot of bravado and then can't deliver. They have had NO offensive TDs this year, as Burnt Hamburger (Brent Mussburger) said "they may be 0-8 before they get a win" (...and I damn well hope so). What a bunch of suckers ND is to hire Weiss a get rid of Willingham. As the British might say, what is going on at that school is a real "cock up."