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From Peru... Ceviche!!


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As theres many ways to write it: cebiche, ceviche, sebiche, etc. theres many ways to make it. But the main ingredients will also be the same: fish (weakfish strongly suggested), lemon juice, onion and chili. You can garnish it with lettuce, boiled corn, sweet potato, etc.

Yeah, this dish is very famous in South America, but Peru claims to have the best recipes, yeah recipeS, because like I said before, theres many ways to make it along all the coastal peruvian territory.

You can find ceviche from Mexico to the end of Chile I can say. As long you go farther recipes will be changing. You can find a ceviche made of sea snails and ketchup in Mexico; a ceviche made of fish, scallops, avocado, tabasco and pop corn (yeah! the ones you eat when in the movies) in Ecuador; and one made of fish, olive oil, pepper, white vinegar and white wine in Chile.

Its worth mentioning that the gastronomy of a country or region its strongly influenced by the products found there many years ago and the arrival of many others cultures to that region, just to mention a few of many other factors. For example, in Peru they atribute some of the ingredients to the spanish colonizers who brought new products from the other side of the world, and the technique is atributed to the japanese people who came to peruvian territory some time after the spanish colonization. Their tendency to eat raw fish food, its most probably the idea that made ceviche born.

So, dont think Im pretending to bore you with history, you came here for the food!! Then, I shall show you a traditional peruvian ceviche recipe. Here I go:

For the ingredients (1 serving) we need,
- 200 g Weakfish in pieces (about 4mm x 4mm)
- 10 Peruvian Lemons (its characteristic is that this lemon is pretty acid, you can use citric acid if you dont have this lemon)
- 1 Onion in slices (Very fine slices)
- 1 Chili, uhmm actually is Aji limo (you can google it)
- 1 Lettuce (A leaf)
- 1/2 Sweet potato (boiled and sliced)
- 1/4 Corn (boiled)
- Chopped coriander
- Salt
- Pepper

For the preparation.
- Once the onion is cut, let it in cold water
- Pick the chili, make two cuts (X form) from the bottom to half its size, remove the seeds.
- Pick a bowl and put it over another one with ice, in order to cool the one above. Pick the chili and press it against the bol in order to make it release its spicy substance.
- Then, add the lemon juice, add salt and pepper.
- Add, the fish pieces and mix.
- Let it "cook" in the lemon juice for about 5 min.
- Serve with the onion slices over. Sprinkle the chopped coriander and garnish with the lettuce leaf and the sweet potato.
- Try it with your favorite beer or white wine (I would recommend a SAUVIGNON BLANC)

(Sorry I cant post any image yet)

Try making it!!

Questions? Observations? Post your reply plz;).


Embrace the Suck
I love ceviche. It's one of my favorite appetizers here. I live in South Texas, close to the coast, and there is a place on South Padre Island that has the best ceviche around (around here anyway). Your recipe sounds really good, except I don't know how I could get a hold of Peruvian lemons.


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Wow, a lot of ingredients, and I bet it is tasty, to those that enjoy a fish dish. As soon as I saw fish was an ingredient, I knew it wouldn't be something I would like, but I have never been one to eat any kind of seafood. You did a great job explaining the recipe tho!!
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