From Neons to a BMW


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I can't believe anyone would bid on this. After all, your ad will disappear as soon as the car goes, so how much exposure are you going to get? Plus I really can't see this being a big video hit on the Internet unless they come up with a really creative way to trash this car.

Bid is just at $5.50 2 days before ending, so if you want to bid, it'll be cheap I think.


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One important footnote on the auction:

You are bidding on actual advertising space on a 1:20 scale RC BMW Z-4 that will be destroyed by any means necessary.
Umm.. yeah... This should have been stated in the title. It's a model car he is destroying, not a real car..


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:lol: oh, that's flipping amazing! I guess I didn't read that far down. This makes the auction even more bizaare. What a rip-off. I was getting all hyped up wondering how on earth is this guy going to sacrifice his Beamer for $5.50 thinking maybe it was a worthless piece of junk, but even so, the scrap metal should bring him more than that, and it turns out to be a model of a BMW! Hehehe. Good catch, Andrew.