From LOB to EOJ, which set has the best all around cards?


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This is something from Pojo that I thought was intresting enough to pass to my beloved Central. Give all thoughts please.

Okay from LOB to EOJ, which set is the greatest from card-to-card?(other than promo cards and tournament packs and multi-set ones such as DB1 or DR1 or Spellcasters Judgement and Zombie Madness). Here's the choices:

LOB(Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon), MRD(Metal raiders), MRL (Magic Ruler), PSV (Pharoah's Servant), LON (Labyrinth of Nightmare), LOD (Legacy of Darkness), PGD (Pharonic Guardian), MFC (Magician's Force), DCR (Dark Crisis), IOC (Invasion of Chaos), AST (Ancient Sanctuary), SOD (Soul of the Duelist), RSD (Rise of Destiny), FET (Flaming Eternity), TLM (The lost millenium), CRV (Cybernetic Revolution), EEN (Elemental Energy), SOI (Shadow of Infinity), EOJ (Enemy of Justice)

Okay now...judge your opinions based on the ENTIRE SET!!! Not just two or three cards from a set. Not " I pick DCR because I like Vamipre Lord" or "This set is the best because my favorite magic card comes from it." Base them on all the cards from all the sets.

This is my opinion on the top sets. This is my ranking list from best to worst:

1.) Magician's Force. It has Breaker and Magical Scientist and the XYZ monsters and TIV and DMG and Luster Dragon and Spell Canceller and Paladin of White Dragon and Magical Merchant. Those cards themselves one are/were(or can be) top tier cards and SJC top 8 worthy. The deck also has lots of cool cards that benefit one another.

2.) Magic Ruler. It has the most banned/restricted cards. Forceful Sentry and Confiscation are excellent. So is Axe of Despair and MST and Megamorph and Giant Trunade and Painful Choice. This set had the best searchers and field magic cards. It's a close competition with MFC.

3.)Dark Crisis. This set has Vampire Lord and DD Warrior lady and Elma. It has Dark Flare Knight and Reflect Bounder and Guardian Monsters and Tskuyomi and lots of other support cards.

4.)Pharonic Guardian. It has the Gravekeepers and Ring of Destruction and Don Zaloog and Spirit Reaper and DD Capsule and the Book of Moon and Tayou and the Gravekeepers and lots of Dark monsters. A decent set all around.

5.) Legacy of Darkness. This set had the best cards monsters-wise out of all the other sets with Arknight Parshath and Yata and Tyrant Dragon and Marauding Captain and Balter. But magic and trap cards wise, wasn't that good, but it was acceptable.

6.) Invasion of Chaos. They had the Envoys which are the most powerful cards in the game. And also Strike Ninja and DMoC and Smashing Ground. But the rest of the cards from that set weren't all that impressive (*cough* Ojamas *cough*).

7.) Magic Ruler. It has Change of Heart and thunder dragon and Barrel Dragon and Mirror Force and Heavy Storm and Magician of Faith and Mask of Darkness and the Gate Guardian pieces. But the commons were crappy and had lots of weak monsters and s/t.

8.) Pharoah's Servant. It has Imperial Order and Jinzo, which both neutralizes your backfield's spells and traps. Also has TER and the start of piercing with Mad Sword Beast and Fairy Meteor Crush. But other than those cards, the others weren't so good.

9.) Soul of the Duelist. Introduced us to the LV monsters and Hallowed Life Barrier and other "good" cards. A nice set. Might be better than Pharoah's Servant, give or take.

10.)Flaming Eternity. It has Phoenix and Lightning Vortex and King Dragun and Gatling Dragon. Plus it had lots of good solid cards for certain decks. But not as good as the others, but still it was good.

11.) Cybernetic Revolution. It has the Cyber Dragons and its fusions. It has Cybernetic Magician which turned any weak monster into a beatstick, and weakened any strong monster. It has GEAF and other good holos. But other than the holos, the rest of the cards were thrown down the garbage chute.

12.) Enemy of Justice. This set has Cyber Phoenix and the deadly Macro Cosmos and Diamond Dude. This set has lots of new support for Light monsters and Fairies. But too much E-Hero brought it down.

13.) Ancient Sanctuary. This set had lots of cards that complemented each other. But they weren't all so good. Maybe a couple or so good cards.

14.) Labyrinth of Nightmare. It has the cool equips and Gemini Elf beatstick. It had United We Stand and Mage Power. It also had Torrental Tribute and Jar of Greed and Magic Cylinder. Cool cards. other than that, bummer set.

15.) Legend of the Blue Eyes. It started the game. And has the two most powerful cards Magic Cards in Pot of Greed and Monster Reborn. Plus it even had Raigeki and Exodia. But other than that, the rest of the cards were just for anime fans and beginners.

16.) Rise of Destiny. This set has the Creator and Monster Reincarnation and Divine Wrath. But the rest of the cards from this set are thrown in a fire somewhere.

17.) Elemental Energy. Pot of Avarice and Dark World were the stars of this set and the stars of a few SJC or two. But like the title says, "Elemental", which meant lots of E-Hero cards and many situational cards that made the set less impressive.

18.) The Lost Millenium. This set started the E-Hero buzz and started the Ancient Gear Monsters. This set is very corny. Only Brain Control and Resef the Dark Being gave light to this set.

19.) Shadow of Infinity. This set is the very worst of them all. They had decent cards, but compare them to the other sets, and SOI fails miserably. Only Treeborn Frog made this set something worthy. Way too much GX love from this set and other than the frog, no other cards are worthy of being in your deck---unless your making a deck based on the anime. The Sacred Beast cards are a waste.

Thoughts? Opinions? I'm eager to hear them too. I might be wrong about my list and opinions and facts and rankings, but it's my opinion afterall. Let's see what everyone else thinks? Please post everyone. I'm eager to see everyone else's list of rankings and opinions on the best set card-to-card.
Hey hey hey, I liked IOC. Even if the Ojama's were in it. I also built a deck around them as well.

I just beleive IOC had the most influential and maybe most controversial monster to ever hit the game. I mean, come on, anyone who pulled out Envoy of the End basically won. It was also the very 1st card banned in the U.S.

IOC takes the cake.


I would have to say Pharonic Guardian

Not only Grave Keepers one of the pure decks in terms of monsters since the only gravekeepers came from pharonic gaurdian and the reprint set that has been growning in power thanks to DDV and spellcaster support. Pyramid turtle has to be the top 4 searchers in the game( Witch, Sangan and Tomato being the other 3) Spirit reaper the greatest defense we have. Newdoria always a nice tech card.Don Zaloog very useful monster, Book of Moon another good defense card. Ring of destruction which is banned but still rocks. Sasuke Samuri was a former staple card untill mystic swords lv2 came along since it was 400 points stronger. With gravekeeper Necrovalley the first Holo Feild card that was great for anti chaos. and ummm Lava Golem great burn card if used right.


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You do know that IOC brought good cards as well. It brought the great Chaos monsters. It also brought great support for beast decks. Come to think of it it brought great support for a lot of tech. That was a wonderful set.


best set is IOC imo, bc it gave some support to just about everything, EOJ is suprisingly alright, and MFC and FET are probably my runner up favorite sets.