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Frog On Nasa Photo


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Oh my! We’re not sure to laugh or cry on this one (maybe both). This frog gives new meaning to “flying leap” (or giant leap). This little guy was obviously startled by the ignition of the Minotaur 5 rocket that launched the LADEE spacecraft last Friday.
I have never seen anything like this before. I mean the picture almost looks like that the frog was computer-generated to make it seem that way. What do you guys think of this?

Frog pops up in NASA photo of LADEE rocket launch: Did it croak?  - NBC News.com


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That poor frog was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That might be the funniest image ever taken by NASA.


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Staff member
That poor frog looked like he was getting a better lift off than the rocket. I hope the poor thing didn't get hurt.


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I was not expecting that at all hahaha, but wow that really defines "flying leap". That frog probably isn't alive anymore... Makes me wonder if humans could jump higher if horribly startled by something that big to us, I kinda doubt it but it would be cool. The problem is you can't tell how high it jumped exactly because of the camera angle, though I would say that it is about half way up that tower right next to it.


A lot of people are saying this photo is funny, but it just makes me sad. Poor little guy had no idea a rocket was about to go off right next to him. If he's still alive he would have got the shock of his life, but I'm fairly sure being that close he would have been killed from the explosion.


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I didn't even know they can jump that high, what the actual fuck? Bit unlucky though, I don't think it survived though!


I'm serious
It looks pretty real to me. Poor little frog. I don't understand why something like this would make news though, to be honest. There are many critters anywhere on the ground at any time. It;s really not that weird for that frog to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. :-/
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