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Frog Legs


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Inspired by the Crab Legs thread from Dragon.

Is there any members here that enjoy Frog Legs? Now I bet a lot of people just hear Frog Legs and get turned off, but I think it's very good and if you gave them a chance you'd be surprised how good it actually is.

So any fans of Frog Legs?


Sally Twit
I've never tried them. If they looked like an actual leg and it was just sat on the plate I doubt I'd try it. It makes me cringe thinking about it because I imagine it to be slimy and chewy.


It's not me, it's you.
I've never tried them before. I tend not to try anything different like that when I'm out at a restaurant, because I don't like to be wasteful if I don't like it. I've never been with anyone else who has ordered them, or I would try it. My grandpa loved them though. He used to talk about how good they were.


still nobody's bitch
They do look like actual legs on a plate. I tried them once just for the hell of it and let me tell you, they do not taste like chicken. :urp:

I couldn't spit them out fast enough. Just about the most foul thing I ever tasted.


I am the woolrus
I've only ever had frog's legs once and i LOVED them! Next time i go to France i'm definitely getting them again.

Definitely not a meal that'll fill you up though, there was more bone than anything, but whatever meat you do get off the legs is absolutely delicious. I can see how a lot of people could be put off them though, as they are just.... decapitated legs sitting on a plate. But i agree with BR, if you can manage to get past the appearance, they're surprisingly delicious.


Registered Member
They're absolutely delicious. My mother turned me onto them when I was about 12 or so. My mother would get my father to drive out to Coney Island just so that we could get the frog legs from Nathan's.


The Instigator
I won't even try them. I love frogs, and I couldn't imagine eating one of their legs. Ugh, I even get upset when I run over them on the road. They are jumping in front of me all the time, it's so sad.


Boom Boom Pow!
I have never tried them. I worked in a French restaurant and I saw them, but never tried them. I guess I would have a go of them just to see what they tasted like. I wouldnt buy a whole plate to myself incase I didn't like them. If someone else was having I would ask if I could have a try.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I usually eat them at a Buffet Restaurant. When I go there it's always the first thing I eat. I usually put around 12-15 on my plate. Thats how much I like them.
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