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At what point do you move from classifying someone as "I know him" to "He's my friend"? Or do you usually call all people you've positively interacted with (whether casual or intimate) as friends?

Would you refer to everyone on your GF friend list as your friend? Or do you reserve the term "friend" for closer relationships? The question is really for both RL situations and online.
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In terms of online most of my friends here I have known for years. And it took years to form something that I would call an online friendship.

I think everyone has different tiers of friendship. I don't considered everyone I positively interact with a friend. On a daily basis I have to positively interact with people I dont consider hardly any of them friends...

We need to hang out or socialize outside of the environment we were placed for me to considered us friends.

For example the people I play Halo with I consider on a friend level since it is outside of GF.
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I wouldn't say I had any friends on GF besides Bliss, in the truest sense of the word. That's not to say that I don't share a bond with certain people or care for them to some degree but for example: if I died in a farcical accident involving an elephant, a plate of peanut butter and some rollerskates, I wouldn't expect anyone to set their mood to 'Sad' for more than a day or two at most or attend my funeral. I'd overcome any impracticalities to pay my last respects for a real friend. Perhaps someone would surprise me (although death would render me incapable of being so but play along) but I would not expect it. My friends would be there, squirting natural reserves from their ducts like baby sprinklers as they sipped Orange Tango out of plastic cups.

Really I haven't been here long enough or interacted on a personal enough level with any one to have formed a real friendship yet. I certainly believe it's possible though and have actually transfered a couple of online friendships into active offline ones.


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No, haha, if someone ads me I will accept them no matter what, though most of the people on my friends list are actually my friends.


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Online has ruined the term "friend". What I mean is it's overused especially in social networks when all you really want to mean is contact but suddenly you have hundreds of friends who probably don't even care if they never see nor talk to you again. It's how I feel about my GF friend list too. They are just contacts, with some of them in contact with me more often than the others. We're more friendly with each other, so I guess that's where the "friend" term comes out.

Syndicate is probably right about the change mood status. :hah: I cannot imagine doing it for others except for maybe two people who I actually seek out to talk when something is bothering me or whatever emotion I'm going through and they often do the same with me.

Online or RL, it's about the same measure I use when classifying if someone is more than "I know" but "my friend."
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Honestly, the mood status thing is useless for me. I forgot about it actually, until like a week or two ago, and before that I hadn't thought about it for a month or two. I never look at another member's mood status, either haha


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Like Hime, I will accept any friend requests, so I dont consider everyone on my friends list a true friend. As far as far online friends go, I consider anyone I talk to regularly on deeper terms than just 'Hi How are you' a friend. In those terms I probably have 5 GF friends =)
Considering my friends list has some people who rarely post and that I rarely talk to, I wouldn't really call them friends. Most of the people that I talk to with regularity on here would probably fall into my 'buddies' category. My friends are people that I hang out with on a regular basis.


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I'm really loose lipped when it comes to using the term "Friends". All my life I've always had lots of friends and not so much Best Friends. Mostly 'cause I lived so many different lifestyles in high school and what not. I always called the people I hung out with my "Real Good Friends", and then everyone else was just my friends.

The only people I'd even considering using the term Best Friends on would be either Family or Especially my Girlfriend. But aside from that its always just been Friends and Real Good Friends. The Real Good friends are the ones I like to be around but dont necessarily expect to do anything extracurricular for me. For instance if I were broke down on the side of the road... I'd call family way before I'd call one of my friends. And to my understanding a Best Friend would be the kind that would drop everything to help you no matter what. I just dont want to expect that from anyone so I probably have a psychological barrier that kept me from gaining any "Best Friends" in school.

But yeah, GF is full of what I'd consider Friends and Good Friends. I sorta hang out with a bunch of people either in the Chat or on an Instant Messanger so they know about me and I sorta know about them. To me that makes them Good Friends.


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I wouldn't say I had any friends on GF, their just acquentances that I occasionally chat with.

There's some cool people around but I clasify friends as people I hang out with IRL not people I converse with on the internet.