Friends/partners knowing about GF


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This message is more for the lifers here, but newer members can also reply if you feel like it. I was wondering if your closest friends/partners know about your posting at Generalforum. Or do keep this part of your life to yourself??


A few friends know that I post in a forum but they don't know it's GF [specifically].
I'm sure they are not interested in knowing more about this matter :p
From all my friends I'm sure I'm the only one who posts in a forum. lol


Well I did bring my girlfriend here, but she don't post no more. I've tried to recruit friends but have failed miserably. I'm just destined to be a GF Singleite.


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Theres really no way I could keep GF to myself. I talk about it to pretty much everyone outside of GF. Mostly trying to recruit them but none of them ever take the bait.

I know I've had friends google "icegoat63" and find some stuff of me talking about random things. Kim especially I know checks up on me all the time here.


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I don't see why any of my friends should know.

A couple of times they've been like "what are you giggling at" or "why are you typing so furiously" but otherwise it's my thing and they leave me to it haha.



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My best friend DJ (in real life) is a member here. Though he never posts. My sister is FB friends with Pam, Jeanie, and Alisa.

Two of my friends caught me talking to Alisa on the phone, and they actually took the phone and then started to talk to her. They asked alisa what the forum is called and I was screaming "NO DON'T TELL THEM!"

So she made up a forum called

Alisa and I checked it out to see if it was a real place, and it's a porn forum. Thank GOD my friends completely forgot about it after five seconds LOL


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Well, if someone asks what i'm doing on the computer, i'll tell them, but they don't ask. My sister knows about this place cause she's a member here, but I don't think any of my friends do. I don't care if they did, it just doesn't come up in conversation.


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I keep my forum life to myself. None of my friends know about any of the forums I go too. When I usually talk about something I see here I tell them I saw it froma blog I read online. My girlfriend knows about a Basketball forum I go too but she doesn't care much about it...all I tell her is I talk Basketball with people around the world. But she doesn't know about Generalforum and it's probably going to stay that way. There's nothing to hide but there's also not much to say.


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I've never told any of my friends about this place. I guess I don't really want them to know. Sometimes I feel weird spending so much time here, and I would probably think my friends were weird if I knew they did the same sort of thing.