friends of SO

what do you do if you cannot stand your significant others bff? do you tell your so why you dont care for their friend or do you pretend like nothing is wrong? how do you handle it?


I don't know. Never been in that situation but I guess It'd depend on how much my SO would spend time with his friend and how close they were to each other.
At the beginning I won't say anything.... because I don't want to look like I want to rule his life.
But certainly, later I won't keep my mouth shut. I'll tell him what I think about his friend and I'll try to convince him why I don't like his friend.


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There his friends at the end of the day, i wouldn't mention anything, for the main reason that if you break up, he needs someone to turn to, and you can't force him into changing his friends.

I'd also try talking to the BFF and try and see if you can sort something out for the SO's sake


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I'm kind of in this situation, myself. I'm not too keen one of my husband's good friends from Uni. but because it's his good friend I make sure I don't allow my feelings to interfere with their friendship.
...Yes, my husband knows exactly how I feel about him but on the same token if he wants to invite him around for the day / evening, I'm always happy to make things work, after all, it's only a day / night that I've got to put up with him and not only that, he lives over 3 hours away from us so to be fair, we don't really see him and his gf all too often.
Why don't you like your bf's good friends?
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