Friend's Fraudulence


When was the last time a friend deceived you?
How did you handle it?

To me it happened 2 years ago when i found out she had been talking about my back, faking stuff about me and my family, tried to put me into argues with other friends.
I had been friends with her for more than 10 years, had been close friends ...but she turned out to be someone i had never imagined.
When i told her what i had found out, she kept on lying and denying everything :lol: ...
anyway ...she has no friends now...:cool:

what's your story?


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It's been a while (as far as I know :lol:). I don't usually hold grudges but I'm definitely not going to trust somebody if they've made a blatant effort to deceive me about something.

I never had anything happen like yours though. That would be rough. At times like that I am not sure what I would do.


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It has been a while now since i've had a friend deceive or lie to me as i've learnt my lesson not to trust people right off the bat.

I found out my best friend had been sleeping with my now ex behind my back. I had had suspicions for a while, which were backed up by friends who came to visit saying she was flirting with him (she lived with us). I caught them together in bed so there was my proof. I just cut myself off from them completely. It's about the worst thing a friend can do to screw you over.