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Friend/leader at church blocked me on Facebook


New Member
I am so upset, a friend from church blocked me and I don't know why. All I know is it happened after he tagged everyone that was at this church event I went to except me saying if youre not here youre missing out, to which I commented I was there and the next thing I know he blocked me wth?? And this is a leader in my small group too!
I just asked him at church if I had done anything to offend him because I noticed he blocked me and he said no so I was like why did you block me and he said some of my comments were unnecessary and said dont worry about it when I started to ask what comments. ( I only made one comment saying I was there to the post where he tagged everyone except me) Then this girl I was talking to about it said you need to not be offended or upset that he tagged everyone but you or that he blocked you and maybe thats the reason people dont tag me or include me because I get upset when they exclude me and they are tired of me acting like I think they are rejecting and excluding me , well maybe if you didnt reject and exclude me all the time I wouldn't be upset or think youre excluding me


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sounds like to me you need to put them all on ignore and make new friends. Then question yourself what you can do different so this doesn't happen again. Maybe I am wrong but I get the idea it may be partially your fault. Since I don't know you or these other people it would be hard to say, I see a couple of different scenarios.

If you ignored them except when you had to talk to them they might come around eventually.


Registered Member
I don't know Jashley personally but I recognize a pattern of mine when I was a kid. I would often get upset when I wasn't invited to friends parties because I felt excluded and everything but I later learned that they didn't because they thought I was being paranoid (I kinda was but when you get bullied, you eventually end up paranoid) and they thought I'd think they'd always talk behind my back.

With that said, it takes a great deal of humility to get over that and not try to think too much about it. With time, in my case, those things worked itself out although I never really felt my relationship with my childhood friends was ever the same again but if you can't make the separation, perhaps it's time for you to move on to other relationships and new friends. I know it's hard but without cutting ties with everyone of my childhood friends, that's what I did and I'm happy with my group of friends now.


Registered Member
What kind of church/religion? MIGHT make a big difference (or not).

There are some shitty church people out there. And some not, but regardless, church people are all on a very short leash with me. Unless it was a seriously impersonal church like the Catholics, I'd go elsewhere the instant I know there's a problem. God deserves better. He wouldn't want anybody worshipping him in a place they feel uncomfortable. It destroys what church is intended to be. So it's ALL on a short leash with me. It's so short that it's actually PREFERABLE for church to be somewhat impersonal.