Friend Avoiding Me?


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Here's the deal. My friend, Joel, and I have been looking to get out of the hell-hole we work in for quite some time (We work together). I got a job at the hospital and he got a job at Pizza Hut, or he applied, rather. Last Thursday I went to King's Island, but I had to work at 4 p.m. that day. Until I started at the hospital I was just going to finish out my last two works at my old job. I asked Joel if he'd cover for me that day and he sort of agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Anyway, Thursday comes and I get a call asking where I'm at. Well, lo and behold, Joel either got fired or quit on Wednesday and never told me, so he wasn't there to cover for me. I get back on Friday and I get fired, as well, for missing that day.

Now, I'm not mad or anything, I was simply working out my final two weeks, however, I haven't been able to get a hold of him for 3 days now. He hasn't signed into MSN, answered any of my texts, or any of my calls (Which have been numerous). I figured his mom just took all this stuff away from him because she's a psycho bitch and wants to make his life hell until he's 18. However, I checked his MySpace today and it says his last login was 6/28/08, yup, today. So, I know he has access to his computer. Chances are he is signed into MSN right now, just appearing offline. This really bother me because we've been like brothers since our sophomore year in highschool and now he just up and deserts me.

I have no idea what's going on or what I should do. I haven't done anything to him, Wednesday night I was talking to him perfectly normally and now he's acting like I did something horrible to him. What should I should?
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If you guys are like brothers, why are you assuming he's being a total dick?

To me, it sounds like there's been issues between you two, especially if you're immediately going to assume the worst. Even if it seems like he's avoiding you, just go and find him. Can you go to his house? It may sound rude, but just show up, knocking at his front door, that way if he is avoiding you he won't be able to weasel out of it.


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Send him a message on myspace, you'll know if he reads it and if it says "READ" and he doesn't respond then you'll get a better idea if he is ignoring you.


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I agree with Cons. You obviously can't contact him any other way so just show up at his house. If you're close then it's not going to be weird that you showed up. It's perfectly normal for a friend to go to another friends house.

You are assuming the worst. He may be upset that he lost his job and might not want to talk right now.