Fried Mars Bars?


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I couldn't think of anything worse. Apparently, they're big in Scotland. I'm glad we don't have it at our fish 'n' chip shop that's for sure. It doesn't sound too appetising.


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C'mon, it's not that bad. We do fried Twinkies down here and some other things. Southern people LOVE fried foods. Of course I'm not that daring on some of it but the Twinkies are cool.


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You can get fried Mars bars from most chippies here in Scotland and they're freaking awesome!

I've only ever had two in my life as their extremely unhealthy for you but if you ever get the chance as a one off then your should really give them a go.

By the way, it's not just Mars can go into my local and get them to deep fry anything in batter. I've known people to deep fry cream curly wurlys, double deckers and even cream eggs.
When the county fair rolls into town they tend to have fried Snicker bars. It's recommended that you DO NOT eat it by yourself. It's big enough - and sugary enough - to feed 3-4 people. A little sample is good. Everything in moderation! ^^


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I've heard worse, such as fried bacon (that's bacon dipped in batter and fried).