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Friday - Which Seat do I Choose


needs practice
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Haters gonna hate.
I think this deserves a bit of a bump, because these funny videos really parody the current pop business.

This shows how easy it is that, if you are rich, your kid can get a poorly written song for them to sing as well as a half-assed video.

These videos are HILARIOUS, too.


Ah man I have had so much fun with this. So many fantastic and hilarious parody images and videos have popped up because of this.




Secret Agent
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Honestly I think it's pretty low to bash a 13 year old girl who had the courage to go out there on a limb that most of us would never even dream about. It's one thing to give her constructive criticism, but to say things like she should develop an eating disorder so she can look pretty or that she should take a seat in the electric chair? I mean, come on.

Everybody has to start somewhere. If you haven't recorded your own music video and put it out there for the world to see then you are the last person who should be dragging her through the mud. It's easy to make fun of people when you are hiding behind a computer monitor. Let's see all these haters attempt to do what she's done. Now that would be some funny stuff considering the fact that most of them still have trouble with basic conversations over Xbox Live.



Ms. Malone
Oh c'mon Brix, it's no different to ripping on Bieber.

Besides, Friday makes Willow Smith's Whip My Hair a smash hit.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Hyb, did you contact her for Chronicles? :p

I haven't seen her video yet and I just knew about her because she was trending on twitter.


Ms. Malone
She deserves the stick, she's a Belieber and wants to do a duet with Beiber, it's probably the only reason she's tried for fame.