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Movies Friday vs Nightmare vs Halloween vs Saw

Best Franchise

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Franchise Horror Films.

The sort that spawn about forty billion sequels, a prequel and a spin-off sitcom.

I pose the question - poll style-- which of the four franchises is best?

Friday the 13th
A Nightmare on Elm Street

I believe these four can vie quite ably against each other, for this sort of 'crown' -- And I believe they go together nicely. Being long franchises that hold that certain 'special something' when it comes to being horror that truly delivers - in one way, or another.


Well-Known Member
Saw. They may have been over done now, but the first 2, possibly even3 were awesome. Plus, I love how that much gore can still have a plot line


Epic Gamer
In a way this is both tough, and relatively simple. All these movie franchises have something unique as well as something that sucks major balls about them. The Saw movies were just gore, constant gore and nothing else, really. For that alone, they place last. I haven't seen enough of the Halloween series to know much about them, though I was put off by the number of sequels. The Friday 13th franchise would be good...if not for the sheer amount of sequels which, quite frankly, sucked harder and harder with each new film. Case in point, Jason X. Which leaves us with the Nightmare on Elm Street. Shabby horror, crappy effects, but somehow still leaving us with a lasting impression...I'd have to give Freddy the crown in this particular case.


I'm a big fan of all four series.

Friday the 13th - I enjoyed the original series, especially I, II, III, The Final Chapter & Jason Takes Manhattan. And when all the classic horror movies were being remade, 2009's Friday The 13th was the best of the bunch. Jason is the coolest looking serial killer up until the first Scream movie.

Halloween - I wasn't a huge fan of the originals, but they were still entertaining and obviously (along with FT13) made the slasher genre what it is today. I didn't care for Zombie's remake and have yet to see the sequel to it. Halloween's main theme is a classic.

A Nightmare on Elm Street - I really enjoyed the original but quickly lost interest in the series as it went along. Such a great idea, why not make everyone afraid to go to sleep? Haha. The remake was surprisingly good and I'd definitely watch the sequel if it ever gets made.

Saw - I thought the first three were great, and although I enjoyed the 3 that followed (I didn't like 7), you could definitely see them getting worse & worse as they went. Thankfully they've decided to end this series, at least for the time being. My favorite thing about the series was the twist endings.

I voted for Friday the 13th.


Registered Member
I choose Friday the 13th.

Basically because it certainly does not pretend to be anything more than a slasher flick, and is more entertaining film for film.

The Saw films lose steam by number 3 if you ask me. Basically on the point that the demises of characters is very samey throughout. And half of the characters I can't begin to give a damn about, because they are generally introduced in the vaguest ways imaginable.
As for Nightmare, although featuring a great menace, the whole saga not only gets too stupid for words, it also seems only to live off of Freddy's presence. Not that that's such a bad thing, but overall the character's foibles are just not that interesting to me.
Halloween, is the second weakest, after Saw. Although it has merits, it falls flat for similar reasons to Nightmare.

Friday, is different. With it's odd bits of humour - and the fact that Jason's killing is far more inventive. I like how the driving force of the whole thing isn't necessarily him. Returning characters are interesting and worth routing for. New central characters maintain a similar guise, without dragging us into their life stories, or not letting us know enough.
I like how Jason is also pretty stupid in places, often getting kicked over or something daft. Yet still coming back for more. I like how in odd moments the horror, can both penetrate as effectively as make you laugh out loud - such as killing somebody with a kazoo, for instance. -- This is a saving grace as the franchise goes on, because desensitisation kicks in after the first two or so, and so the spectacle of what we're tuning in for (the slaying) needs amping up in some way. Friday handles this perfectly.

Also, the original is far scarier than the originals for the other three. In my opinion. Not that that should probably have any affect in decision here, but I do believe it to be true.

Nonetheless, regardless of the fact that I like all these franchises, for one reason or another - Friday the 13th gets my vote as the better saga of the 4.


Ms. Malone
Voted Saw because it's my fave franchise, but after that is the old Nightmare films :D I haven't watched the remake and i doubt it will be as good as the cheesy classics.


Sally Twit
Halloween is my favourite. I've always been a huge Michael Myers fan. The first and second were the best, then after a while it started getting a bit dull. However, Michael always made me jump and I thought he was such a badass when he murdered people. The music in that film was also fantastic. Really helped build up the tension.

80's horror is my favourite.


Well-Known Member
My vote went for Halloween, its how Jamie Lee Curtis started in the film industry and when they brought her back for Halloween H2O...amazing!!! I'm surprised to see Texas Chainsaw or Chucky on here, but T.Chainsaw only did have like 3-4, and Bride of Chucky was more funny than scary.



Freddy and Jigsaw were both psychological and talked a lot when it really had no point at all since they were going to kill them anyways. Why not just get it over with and drop all the nonsense? Meanwhile, Myers and Jason were both silent killers. I liked both of them since they didn't need to explain to the victims why they were dying, or tried to scare them, they just killed them and moved on to the next batch.

o-- Saw overdid it with the gore.
o-- Nightmare on Elm Street seemed like a phase.
o-- Myers never seemed to change location. He sure did love that house or A house.
o-- Friday the 13th had a good environment, Crystal Lake... Except that one Jason when he somehow went into space. That one sucked.

With that, it's a toss up between Jason and Myers... I'll go with Jason due to his awesome hockey mask and machete. ^.^
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