Fresh Market


rainbow 11!
Do any of you guys have a Fresh Market? It's basically a grocery store that sells fresh and organic food. The food there is amazing and tastes delicious.


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Yes, but I rarely go. I discovered Fresh Markets when I was in SF, I loved going every Saturday morning, near the Pier. In here, the market is situated in front of the city hall. LOL. Besides, the usual grocery is just in front of our place so it's more convenient to shop there.


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usually organic stuff is way too expensive so we never get it.


rainbow 11!
Yeah, it is pretty expensive. So we will only get food from there a handful of times a year, it's amazing food, though. We got our Christmas ham there last year. *Drool*


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Never heard of it, but we have Wild Oats and Whole Foods and I'm sure it's the same kind of stuff.