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Adium - Download

Adium is a chat application for OSX that is basically Trillian. It runs all major chat services (AIM, YIM, MSN, GTalk, ICQ) and a bunch of more eclectic ones. It's open-source and thus has a huge developer community. Scripts and modifications are available in an achive on the site.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Find anyplace, anywhere in the world, and directions to any other point. Supports lat/long points. Handy.

Hotspot Shield

Lets you surf the net anoymously. Handy if you're on college networks with restrictions, or generally on a sketchy network.


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Winamp - Decent media player

Sandboxie - Sandbox software, allows you to run applications without making changes to the HDD.

The Battle for Wesnoth - A fun, open source turn based strategy game. Includes the option to make your own campaigns, and online multiplayer.


Audacity - Free, open source sound and music editor. Good for small projects and general things.
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AVG 8.0 (Thanks To Constantine)

That's all the freeware that i use.
I want to add EasyCleaner to the list, it will automatically find errors in your registry and fix them making your computer way faster, I used it today for the first time, and let me tell you it works, my PC is so much faster.

And I guess that i forgot to list

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Goldwave is not freeware...

Allen-Heath RTA (real time analyzer)
Sound analysis software...none of you care.

Lets you take vids from youtube and convert them and stuff. Take a look at that one.

LD calculator!
Little calculator for technical lighting. None of you care.


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Firefox, opera (not sure why I need two different browsers, but oh well), CCleaner, Auslogic Disc defrag, glarysoft registry repair, avg, open office. I think that is it.