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Free time vs Really busy


So I know some people hate having heaps of free time to themselves, aka long breaks from school/work as they feel restless and don't have anything to do. On the other hand some people love heaps of free time and can always find ways to entertain themselves.

I personally have been going from one extreme to the other in the past few years. The year before last I spent almost an entire year doing... nothing at all. This is something that would drive most people crazy, but as the lazy bastard I am I loved it.

Then last year I took up a course at a local community college, it wasn't much work but it kept me partly busy.

This year however I am studying full time at University. And while I know it's good for me and I'm learning heaps and doing something with my life, I do really miss all the free time I used to have. At the moment I'm basically always at school, travelling to school or doing school work. Even on days off, weekends, term breaks etc. Almost 90% of my time at least is schoolwork or work and I sort of hate it.

So which do you prefer? Plenty of time to yourself to do whatever you want, or keeping fairly busy with studies/work etc?


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I need to have a mixture of both. I love having time to myself and just laying around doing nothing eventually I will drive myself crazy, But when I have school + Work I can't wait to have time to myself so I always need both. If I had to choose I would probably choose free time to do anything I wanted though.


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I hate having free time at work since the day goes by so slowly. If I have work than the day usually flys by. During the weekend I love having free time to do whatever and usually I take advantage of it by hanging out with some friends.


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I like a mixture. If I was doing absolutely nothing at all, then I would get bored and feel depressed. I at least need to have some type of steady job. I like to work my appointed hours, maybe some extra hours as well, and then have all the rest of the time for free time. I can usually always occupy myself with something.


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I like free time, but I usually fill it with something spontaneous and something I enjoy which then makes it busy but at a leisurely pace. I can easily burn 3 hours on the computer, then maybe do a chore in the house, attend to the kids' needs more efficiently, take time to garden and read, take the dog somewhere, run errands, etc. Now that I have to work, and it's the middle of track season, and my senior is preparing for college, it's crazy busy. I don't like being pushed from one event to the other and facing deadlines and major responsibilities.


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Being busy a lot with Uni these days, it has made me crave busy time for than anything when I have free time because I feel out of whack and feel depressed for rest of the day and I always try to do something to keep my occupied.


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I like to have more free time than to work like an idiot 24/7. I mean, when something needs to be done then I do it, but I really enjoy being alone or with friends and not doing anything.


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At the moment I'm dying for some free time, but that's because I've got my dissertation due date coming up and then graduation and I kind of feel like I haven't had time to breathe in weeks. ;P You can bet that as soon as that's all over and I've been doing sweet FA for a few weeks while looking for a job, I'll be going nuts wanting to be busy. Guess I'm just never happy with where things are... :p