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    What do you think? Let's hear some arguments for and against.

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    I'm generally a fan of self-determination, much like Wilson. A distinct ethnic and religious group with a fairly defined territory seems relatively easy to give sovereignty to (and unlike Kurdistan, the other region I think needs its own state, it doesn't have the problem of being under the current control of multiple states).

    While the riots recently have been rather unpleasent on both sides, Tibet definitely has the general outlook of being able to be its own state without assistance from the PRC. I think it's probably going to have sectarian issues much like Nepal does (with Communist groups fighting to retake the country), but the UN could probably help with that.

    That being said, the current status quo in Tibet (religious and political supression) is completely unacceptable. Given that the logical alternative to a free Tibet is Tibet remaining under the PRC, I don't see any argument that can justify it remaining under such persecution.
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    ..Here's a very good, easily listenable run- down of the conflict, and the history:
    BBC iPlayer - Radio - Audio on Demand

    Personally, I think Dalai Lama has a point when arguing for increased autonomy under China. There's no reason other than global political games to pressure China, for that Tibet should become independent now. Not that I think China's methods on the outskirts of the country to keep everyone "united" is defensible. But it serves no purpose for anyone to not see how complex the situation is, or escape into some idea that autonomy will end this (or even be a good start for something new).
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    Well said! :D

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