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Free Internet in the Near Future?


Not a Scientologist
Google has said that they want to make a bid on a network. If they win the bidding war that is likley to ensue if, Google bids, Google will blanket the US in cheap or free WI - FI internet. This would be highly awesome for everyone. Post whether you agree or dissagree with this free internet thing or not. I agree, and if you couldn't tell from how I was talking about this, you are no longer considered to be at a "Human Intelligence level."

EDIT: By the way, I assumed IT stood for internet. If this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move it.
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
IT stands for Information Technogogy, or computers in general, so you're in the right place.

Tesla couldn't get us free power, so what makes you think Google will get us free internet? I love the idea, but it's damn near close to what Tesla tried to do with electricity and got shut down. Someone would throw a fit if Google started giving away free internet, but I hope they do it. I really do.


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I wouldn't use it. Chances are it would be super slow compared to hardwired internet. When a ton of people get on a wireless connection it lags pretty bad.

Don't believe me? Go to Starbucks and try to play an online game on your laptop. :)


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Free internet is nothing new - there have been companies giving away internet access for years. None of them do very well at it, if they last in the business at all. You get what you pay for; this is true of internet access, as well as everything else.


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If a company like google that actually has enough money to do this did succeed it doing it, wouldn't that give them a major monopoly on the internet. Seems like more of a good business deal for them then a kind hearted gesture to help out the everyday man.


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i'd be up for free internet though I doubt that it will happen because even now phone is not free and that is way older than the internet, it would be great if that did happen though.


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As many others have said that's highly unlikely but it would be great if it happened. As Andrew said it would most likely be very very slow so I'm not sure I would use it all that much. I think it would still be good overall though cause then prices might go down for other internet providers.