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"Free" help services


Registered Member
So, as a new member here for a week or so now I can not help but notice the site is a bit low on members. Perhaps I missed the better days here, but I'm not so sure there can't be better days to come.

I have read a forum site can gain new members just by adding a "Free______ Help or Advice" service. Using the wording "Free" is the key as people are always searching for free help whether it be legal, PC related or what have you. From what I understand it can bring in mass numbers if the help service is set up right and well formatted.

Just a thought.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sounds like a good idea worth looking into.

If you know anyone that might be interested in joining a forum tell them to check us out.


My advice is always free... Perhaps I should re-evaluate that stance. :D

FREE Advice!
Ask the experts about anything. If they don't have the answer, they'll tell you where to find it.

- Cham