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Free e-Filing


Registered Member
I found out earlier this year that many people do not realize that they may qualify for free e-filing of their federal (and sometimes state) taxes. For example, TurboTax for the Web let EVERYONE file their 2004 federal tax return for free. Then, if you made under a certain amount, you were able to file your state for free - otherwise you paid.

I'm certain there will be more free e-filing available this year. Don't be afraid to check out the IRS website www.irs.gov. Near tax time, they will probably have a link pointing you in the direction for free filing information. There are a lot of sites to choose from and usually you will have to enter their site through that link for the free offer to qualify.

Sorry everyone....I'm one of those fools who love tax time. :lol:

I just love filling out those forms! And I love e-file. You get your return back so much quicker!


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Staff member
I've never filed online. I usually do the paperwork route, but lately I have been looking into ways to be more organized about it using a computer instead.