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Free agent targets for the Jays: Hitters


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Even though it hasn't been 24 hours since the Jays got eliminated, that doesn't mean we can look towards the future right away. I'm very excited for the offseason, because Shapiro and gang are set to do big things. Their already on record saying this team is going to get much younger, and this team will definitely be much faster. And if anyone has a problem buying into that, just look at the Cleveland Indians who are a great example of a team led by youth and speed. SO, I'm creating this thread to see what free agents you guys think would be a great fit on the Blue jays. My choices (limited to 3) are made available below:

* this particular thread will just focus on the hitters.

1) Josh Reddick: major improvement defensively in RF over Bautista. Reddick is a great fielder, and has a cannon arm. He's still 30 years old, and a good lefty-power bat. He'd be a good complement to Donaldson. He'd probably be expensive to get considering a lot of teams will look at him, but if we pony up the money I think we can get him.

2) Pedro Alvarez: this really depends on whether we resign Edwin or not. But in any case, Pedro Alvarez would be a really good addition to the club. His power swing at the Rogers Centre would be something to watch. Put up good numbers for Baltimore in a limited role this year. Had an OPS of .826, though he was a platoon option for most games. Though, he could be a valuable piece. Not sure how much Alvarez would demand on the market, but I'm assuming those who miss out on Edwin and Morales will look for Alvarez. BESIDES, Jason Grilli and Francisco Liriano, former Pirates players, have turned it around with us. So why not swing at Alvarez?

3) AJ Ellis: Am I dumb? Maybe. But one thing is certain, Russell Martin needs days off next year. We've seen what the work days have done to Martin, as he clearly wasn't himself for the playoffs. So there's an obvious need for a steady backup catcher who can catch 3-4 times a week. And is there a better game caller than AJ Ellis? Sure his bats gone, but he's still very solid defensively, and is an experienced backstop who can help out our young arms severely. There's a reason why he was Kershaw's personal caddy. He should come relatively cheap as well.

Comment below with your choices!


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I definitely agree about the Josh Reddick option to replace Joey Bats. I think he'd be more reliable healthwise than Bautista has been for the past 2 seasons but as you said, he's gonna probably cost some money but both Shapiro & Atkins convinced me this year that they're gonna keep this Jays franchise competitive every year so I think it's feasible.

If Edwin's gone, I think the Jays should take a look at Joey Votto (if he's a free agent). IIRC, he had a bit of a slow start to the season but he recoup very nicely afterwards. He won't probably bring as big of numbers than Edwin but I'm sure his offensive output would be considerable.

Would it be too risky for the Jays to go after Carlos Gomez to fill a DH role? I mean, he didn't have a Carlos Beltran or Kendrys Morales year but would it really hurt the Jays to go on a 1-year deal with an option for 2018 to get him? They could then keep extra money to go after an additional bat or arm in the bullpen.


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I still want Joey Bats back, but only if he's a full-time DH. I believe that if he's not playing in the outfield then he's going to stay healthy and will be able to perform at a higher level than he did this season.

Votto isn't a free agent, but looks like the Reds are willing to trade him. Having one of the games hitters would be pretty sweet, but they would need to give up a lot(I imagine they would want Stroman in that package) in return.

I'm not sold on Reddick. Yes, he could be a valuable pick-up, but it just seems like he's going to decline rather quickly.