Fred Jones-Raptor




INDIANAPOLIS -- Free agent guard Fred Jones will sign with the Toronto Raptors, his agent said Sunday.

Jones, a former slam-dunk champion, spent the first four years of his NBA career with the Indiana Pacers and played a key role while the team fought through injuries and suspensions the last two seasons. The 6-foot-2 leaper from Oregon averaged 9.6 points a game as a backup last season, and 10.6 points and 3.1 rebounds two seasons ago.

The Pacers made a qualifying offer to Jones earlier this summer. But Jones' agent, Bill Duffy, told The Associated Press they rescinded the offer last week, making Jones an unrestricted free agent. Jones will sign with Toronto in the next few days.

The timing of the Pacers' decision made things more difficult for Jones. Being an unrestricted free agent earlier would have given Jones more options, but the Pacers' late decision limited Jones' options.

"We were behind the eight-ball," Duffy said. "Other situations were not available that would have been available because time had elapsed."

Jones should fit in well with the Raptors, who just added point guard T.J. Ford. Jones has spent most of his career as a backup, but will have a chance to compete for a starting spot in Toronto.

"I'm happy for the possibilities for him up there," he said. "I think it's going to be a new lease on life for him, and his role will be increased. Their style is more conducive to Fred's style."

Duffy was surprised the Pacers pulled their qualifying offer.

"I have never experienced that before," he said. "They had to do what they had to do. He's in a better situation for him, and that's all that matters at this point."

A message for Pacers CEO and president Donnie Walsh wasn't immediately returned.

Nice for the raptors. Very nice IMO. This is a great pickup hes a nice addition to their team. Raptors are pretty good now!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think this would be a great pick up for the Raptors, and I really hope this goes threw, he can come off the bench and give us instant scoring. Each year he has improved is jump shot, and he's not just a dunker anymore. He will be a great asset to what we're trying to build here in Toronto.


Wow, another great player coming to Raptors. I just REALLY hope this happens. after all, we need some dunkers in Raptors man!