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Do you have them?
Do you like them on yourself?
Do you like them on others?

I have freckles and used to hate having them as a kid. Now they are just there spattered over my face and I tend to ignore them :lol:
I think a spatter of freckles are cute on children but I don't think it looks bad on an adult, just not cute.


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Being a red head I'm obligated to have a million and one freckles.

So yes, I have them.

I don't really like them... But a lot of people say I look good with them. Especially now that I'm getting a bit of a tan.

Yes, I like them on other people.
actually as odd as it is but i dont have any freckles.... i say this is odd because im so pale im pretty much translucent but i never form freckles cause i dont even have enough melatonin for that.

i would like them on me if i had them

i love freckles on people... they are cute and its funny when they're in the sun for to long and their massivly burnt shoulder turns into one large freckle hehe brandon hehehe.... i know quite a few people with freckles and i find them all extremely sexy.


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I have freckles...

As a kid I hated them, now I would rather have them than not, couldnt really give you a reason tho....

And girls look cute when they have a few over their nose/cheeks.....freckles on a girls back are repulsive tho, haha!!


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I don't have any, but man Freckles on some are awesome, very becoming things. For me there would be no way I would want them or be able to. Italians just don't have the genes.


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As another fellow Italian I do not have any freckles but I love woman with freckles. Most women with freckles are cute to begin with and the freckles just enhances it.
I don't have freckles. I'm glad i don't have freckles. But they can look good on women. If a woman with freckles is unattractive though, i'd say she's just facially ugly, and it's not the freckles fault.