francis k-mart trade roomers

Discussion in 'NBA' started by kb8, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. kb8

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    now i said this will happen a long time ago. just a thought and now ppl r talkin about it every were. do u think it will go down. i think it would help out both teams equally. wat u think

  2. Babe_Ruth

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    This trade would be better for the Knicks obviously cause they already have a point guard in Stephon Marbury, and they need a power forward. Also I don't think Francis would be happy in Denver because the ball abviously will go to Anthony, and I don't know if these two can play together, so the Knicks would obviously win this trade hands down.
  3. Master G

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    He said it all^^^^. i think its good fo francis so he can get a new start and i think its good for k mart so he can play wit some sick players.
  4. I think for Francis to get back to where he was a few years ago(all star in 03) he needs to go somewhere where he has a dominant star that doesnt need too many shots, so maybe somewhere like Minnesota or Toronto, or maybe even Phoenix
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree with you on that one, he needs to have lots of shots to become a 20ppg kinda guy again, that's why he went downhill since the Rockets picked up Yao Ming, because he has been playing where he must be the second option on the team he played with. But I don't agree with the teams you mentioned because all those teams have major scorers. That love to shoot the ball.

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