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Fox News is doomed


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It seems as if Fox News is only fit for retirement homes - median age of its viewers went up to 68! It seems as if the young and savvy have gone elsewhere for their information and it's only the old and white folks that have stuck around (percentage of black viewers in prime-time: 1.1%) to hear a repetition of what they've always known.

So their days are numbered but now I feel bad for the crotchety grand-pappies that'll have nothing else to watch while waiting for Wheel of Fortune to come on.

Frank Rich on Fox News, Roger Ailes -- New York Magazine


not a plastic bag
I skimmed the article. Fox, MSNBC and CNN all have 60+ age demographics. I don't know a single person under 70 that watches any news. The whole business is dead. Who wants to sit and listen to someone read the news to them or listen to 2 Conservatives and 2 Liberals(or in the case of MSNBC 2 Liberals and 2 Communist) yell and each other?


Heavy Weapons Guy
Don worry Jesse. The Blaze, drudge report, townhall.com, allenbwest.com etc, etc, etc all very much alive and growing with younger viewers. As are sites that have the opposite bias.

Why do you despise Fox News so much? Do you think they are the only biased source? You have referenced Fox in a lot of threads on here but you haven't even shown any facts at all to back up your hatred of fox. You seem to be living in a fantasy that if Fox News were to vanish the world would suddenly be a liberal utopia free of conservatism a lies and hatred (since that's all conservatives do right?).....yet as MIT pointed out it's not even this specific news source that is projected to have trouble but all cable news networks and newspapers for that matter. Guess what, it's just going online a lot of times and not dying.