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Fox News informs less than unplugged TV


I am the woolrus
I think Fox is a pretty awful news channel, but to be honest, many of the news channels in America are. It's a funny thing really, the difference between America and UK/Ireland. Over here, news shows are generally more serious and informed while many of the newspapers are sensationalist and a bit trashy. In America... i think those trends are kind of reversed!

One of the major problems with Fox News is the only ever tell one side of the story. They don't have discussion shows, they just TELL you that the biased version they have is the truth and that's it. Notable culprits include Bill O' Reilly and Sean Hannity. Often times they'll just stand there and tell you what they think is the truth as gospel, and then when they do have someone on it's often one of their buddies who just says "yep, that's exactly right!". It's very rare that they bring someone on to truly challenge them and present a different side of the story.

Biased reporting is a symptom present in most American TV News shows though, left and right, but i'm not surprised that overall Fox has come out as the least informed. Me and my housemate sometimes watch it just to have a good laugh, but never to get informed!
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Free Spirit
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This isn't the first time I have heard this. I also believe fox news is bias and what kind of a opinion is pre wrote by someone else. If the commentator didn't write it that's not an opinion that is a script.

I use to watch it but I don't anymore and haven't in a long time, I got tired of their definition of fair and balanced. I felt more informed watching the Daily Show and reading the news on the internet. I'll never get tied down to one source of news. If you only watch one source you basically have your head stuck in the sand.