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Fox News cuts off the President's meeting with Republicans


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
So I'm not sure how many know about this: When President Obama met with Republicans at their recent retreat, the major news networks showed all of it. Except for Fox News - they strangely cut away before the end of the question and answer session.

Many think that this is because President Obama was doing really well at calling Republicans on some B.S. statements and having an overall successful meeting. When Ariana Huffington asked the president of Fox News 'why' on one of Sunday morning's news shows, he simply responded

"Because we're the most trusted name in news" and kind of rambled for a couple of seconds before Barbara Walters cut him off for a commercial break.



Embrace the Suck
I don't know who this "Many" are but I found his statements to be full of shit so I didn't even notice Fox News cutting him off. I changed the channel long before that happened.


Problematic Shitlord
I thought Obama brought the smackdown pretty well. I didn't agree with everything he said, but he earned some respect from me for his ballsiness and poise. He didn't shy away from questions and wasn't afraid to call them out on their statements. It was kind of funny but not surprising that FOX news cut him off but then again, I think they realized he was doing a good job and just decided to jump in themselves. It's common knowledge that like other news outlets, that sort of story is something that FOX would rather cut up and paste together to their liking in the editing room before showing it.