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Fox afraid to touch O’Reilly’s JFK lie


Free Spirit
Staff member
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow struggled to keep her composure on Wednesday when recounting her show’s attempt to get a comment from Fox News regarding some of the questions surrounding Factor host Bill O’Reilly’s reporting.

Rachel Maddow: Fox afraid to touch O’Reilly’s JFK lie — but they’ll gladly discuss his ratings!
All this wouldn't be a big deal if so many didn't think every word out of his mouth was gospel. Hopefully all this press about the embellishments on the truth by him and Williams will open peoples eyes. Reporters don't always report just the truth, sometimes they are reporting for ratings.

I think Fox could be a little more forthcoming about this, their ratings are of no concern.


Bill O’Reilly threatens New York Times reporter while defending Argentina story


Embrace the Suck
First off the Argentina story has been proven as true. Secondly, as I said when the whole Williams story broke, who cares? This was about a book O'Reilly was writing, it has nothing to do with him as an anchor on an OPINION show. Maddow would be better served being more objective and learning to think critically than worrying about some details concerning a book, for Christ's sake.


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Unfamiliar with this O'Reilly fellow and his claim, but ... Funnily enough I was browsing information on the JFK assassination the other day. Clear to me, there were three shooters that day from the footage I saw.

What went on back then, and probably is still going on now. And we call our lands 'democracies'. Dark undercurrents.


Embrace the Suck
I should point out, Williams' lie was about an actual report he was doing, this incident is about a book O'Reilly was writing, not a news story he was reporting. It should also be pointed out O'Reilly isn't a reporter, he's a political commentator who anchors an opinion show. Williams anchored a news show. It's the same difference between a front page news reporter and an OP-ED commentator for a newspaper.


not a plastic bag
O'Reilly dedicated an entire show to proving the allegations from Mother Jones and other Soros funded liberal sites were lies about him. He brought in actual proof that what was being said was total lies. I didn't see it, I read about it though. I'm not an O'Reilly fan necessarily, but the guy has more honesty in his thumb that all of the liberal rags put together that are trying to destroy him.

The whole thing makes me question the intelligence of the whole "Fox News is Fake News" crowd that would believe this stuff.


I'm beginning to think that certain people in a certain industry are hoping that all of us will start taking all news media with the same proverbial grain of salt we take political promises. Maybe it's true, maybe it's more BS, but who cares anyway. That way they can have their people say whatever sounds cool and people will tune in just to listen to what the next cockamamy story is and talk about it around the water cooler. Ya know, like listening to war stories from a senile old veteran. Maybe they're true, maybe not, but they sound compelling. Discrediting the entire industry of journalism could ultimately make the industry more profitable in the long run. Truth? Who cares about truth anymore? It's not as fun as "Truthiness".

- Cham