Fourth-biggest shareholder of Fox News: Saudi Prince who supports terrorism


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This was a strange read for me, won't lie. I would not think that Rupert Murdoch would be involved with such a shady individual.


It was not until a few days later that I learned what may have been behind the absence of a video clip on the Web site. I had said to Doocy that Saudi Arabian money was still financing Al Qaeda. Doocy did not react to my comment. But ten days later I learned that Fox’s parent company, News Corporation, was, at the time of my interview, negotiating with a Saudi prince to vastly increase his stake in the company.

The notorious Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, nephew to the Saudi king, met with Rupert Murdoch in Hong Kong on Jan. 14. The prince issued a press release after the meeting stating that the prince’s Kingdom Holding Company had discussions that "touched upon future potential alliances with News Corp."

By the time I appeared on Fox News, Prince Alwaleed was about to become News Corp’s fourth largest voting shareholder (behind the Murdoch family, Liberty Media, and Fidelity Management & Research Co, a mutual fund). The prince has repeatedly defended his homeland as a problem-free place. What he has failed to mention is that he has personally donated huge amounts of money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

Alwaleed is the same Saudi prince who made headlines right after 9/11 when he personally went to Ground Zero and offered then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani a $10 million check for the relief efforts. But Alwaleed could not keep his mouth shut. He released a bizarre statement that blamed the attacks – not on the 15 airline hijackers from Saudi Arabia – but on the United States’ support of Israel. Giuliani, “America’s mayor,” saw a political opportunity and, confident that his reaction was appropriate, immediately refused the prince’s donation. He said: “There is no moral equivalent for this attack.”
If you're a Fox news viewer, does this surprise you? I know it surprised me especially since the channel is so profoundly right wing and constantly naming terrorism as a huge threat to the country. Does this bother you as a viewer or non-viewer? If you heard the same thing about your favorite news outlet, what would you think?
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Keep in mind that Rupert Murdoch doesn't exactly put his own personal beliefs before money making opportunities. The guy supported Hillary Clinton while paying the likes of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity who were swaying people the other way. If he doesn't even put his own political agenda ahead of his wallet then this meeting doesn't surprise me either.