Four of my very first sigs.


If you ask think why are they so big on a wrestling forum I started with the normal size was 400x200.

Also sorry there in gif form must have saved then like that and to lazy to pull them apart.


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Not bad Omega. There very plain and nothing really catches your eyes by looking at them. But what I noticed about them is that you've improve in your graphic talents from those wrestling sigs. If you keep practicing I am sure you'll become even better. All of them get a 6.5/10.


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Orton!*glomps sig* Though Cena is my fav wrestler*coughs* >>; There are five sigs instead of four though Omega, did ya check it? Orton and HBK are my fav sigs out of the five cause they kinda stand out in my opinion. For the lot of them though I rate'em a 8.5/10 cause their done really good to be some of ur first sigs Omega^^;


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that girl is some hot stuff, mmmmm-mmmm, i just posted that right? just in case ur wonderin im no perv so i dont look at porn, i dont watch wrestling, i watch bball, nice sigs


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Serbs stop posting in days old thread man....atleast u could have posted something longer than that if u were going to do that post! ><; What is this called "bumping old threads" or something???
I believe you are correct Kyo its called bumping a thread. It is breaking the rules but I think its ok because sometimes I do it by mistake because I want to voice my thoughts and I do not check the date. Also his post is long unuff, you know Kyo just because you and I post our life stories ;) does not mean he has to.

Thank you all for comments I will try and rep you all.