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Foundational Definitions


One can simply look to a dictionary to define the words that describe our reality, but most people have a personal definition for terms used to define their world and themselves. As part of a hobby project, I have invested much time contemplating how I would program an artificial intelligence to understand these ideas and principles and it has been a very enlightening exercise. Let us look, for one example, at the concept of "self". Where does self end and the rest of the universe begin? Where, for that matter does self begin? What about terms such as "life"? If "Cogito Ergo Sum" (I think, therefore I am) is a valid criteria, then the nature of life must therefore be related to the nature of the thinking.

In this thread, I'd like to logically identify and dissect common human perceptions of foundational cognitive elements. Perhaps even to streamline them. After all, if there are, as CO likes to say, "logical fallacies" in the way people in general define their reality at the most fundamental level, then it is no wonder the human race is rife with conflict. Besides, finding common threads is also a hobby of mine, and one I rather enjoy.

What are your thoughts about the definition of Life and Self? And what other concepts would you like to explore?

- Cham

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