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found a better way than paypal


Registered Member
Night and Darth i hope I can post this here.
I found an alternative to paypal that even has there own auctions and no fees..
Ebay is getting a run for it.......... here is the link



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interesting..........I might check into that! Something that cost less would be nice.....


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with paypal getting spoof mail and ebay be nice not to get more email , it helps to have back up..............nani


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I've seen stormpay before.....I think it is popular in europe...every time i see that payment option it has been in correlation with a british based web site....but it does seem like a good alternative....personally, i use neteller as an alternative. They even call you to verify your identity before opening the account.


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Staff member
I haven't used PayPal to buy things since I lost nearly $600 in a dispute. Ironically I also never received the item, and there was no tracking number or anything. I try to avoid them if possible nowadays.


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Complete irony there huh Andrew? lol What do you use now?

*SOB again with the 60 second rule... typing even slow for the third time*


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I opened a netteller account a couple weeks ago. I haven't really used it yet though. Are you happy with it Night?


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I just signed up to BidPay because the seller that bought my "put a fork in me" auction didn't like paypal....so I signed up and he paid me....Direct deposit in my personal checking account in three days.... NO FEES for either of us...I really liked that!!! Soooooooooo I am thinking of taking PayPal off my auctions if I have anymore in the future!
Also with BidPay I don't think you have to be a member either.....the guys that bought the auction said something like that to me....was very cool!!!