Discuss Forums vs. Facebook, Instagram, Etc?


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What draws you to forums vs. Facebook and other social media? A lot of people prefer Facebook groups or other social media types to forums. For you as a forum user, why do you like forums and do you see that changing as social media evolves?

I've been on forums since 1999, so I'm a little biased starting this thread. I enjoy the fact that you can have organized discussions on forums far easier than on Facebook comments. I also like that you can easily find old things you posted. I feel half of the searches I do on Google send me to some forum where the topic was being discussed. I far prefer this to just having quick casual discussions in social media comments.


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I’m not a big fan of Facebook anymore. I browse it for about ten minutes a day.

I’ve always been attached to forums - I do not what it is, but I just can’t stay away from them. Maybe it’s because you can discuss all sorts of different topics.

However, Twitter trumps all. I’m addicted to Twitter. I have about 77k. I can also browse it for hours pretty easily. In addition, I love how you can get news really fast. Yes, you need to check a few sources at times, but it’s fast.
I am a big fan of forums. I have bounced around numerous ones over the past 12-13 years. GF/PM has been my longest. I was also a huge fan of ReHorror but sadly that one got shutdown. As to why I like them, I have no idea. I think you named a couple of big reasons Mirage.

Facebook is important because of family. I don't spend as much time on there anymore, but it's where I go to check in on family and friends that aren't close by.

Twitter is cool and I am far more active on there than I used to be. I don't tweet a lot, but it's where I go to see when new music is dropping and video game news. I also follow lots of fantasy and sports experts. It's a lot of fun and a good way to kill time.


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I agree that forums are organized much better than social media. You can go to a specific topic and see the discussion that follows and its progression. I know you can reply on FB but I feel more at home on forums. I hope there is a swing toward more usage of forums.


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I like forums better for a lot of the reasons people have already mentioned. For one, I've been on forums for a while now so I'm comfortable with them. Secondly, I like that I can be personable, get to know and connect with people, and still have a sense of anonymity. I also like that it means I can be a part of discussions without having to worry about people I know finding them. It helps me be more honest and it's not so stressful. Like others have said, I like the organizational structure of forums better too and it's much easier to follow the thread of a conversation. There isn't one reply with a hundred of sub-replies. They can just start another topic. As for forums versus Twitter...bah, I barely understand Twitter.


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I agree that forums are better tooled to provide good guidelines on a specific discussion. It's easier to contain a specific discussion on a board than on social media where things can go awry rather quickly. I mostly use Facebook like a calendar where our friends plan some gatherings and stuff.


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I prefer forums. Facebook seems to be more a place for people to show off or complain and seek attention. In a forum you get a group of people with the same interests as you and people who want to have meaningful conversations.