Forum your frequent the most


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What forums or section do you visit the most frequently? I posted another topic similar to this before the merge but I figure we need an update.

I generally visit these sections the most

-Sith Forum
-Ideas and Support
-General Discussion

I visit philosophy section sometimes to read but I hardly post there. It's actually a pretty short list but I would like to think I am an active participant in those sections.
I don't think I visit any one more than another, I just look for the new posts and head there.

Actually that's not totally true, if the new post is in the game or sports section I ignore it.

Now that I've thought about it, that's not true either...:lol:...there was one post in the sports section that I replied to last week.

Yeah, so I'm a Libra, whatchya gonna do?? Huge problem committing to anything.:lol::lol:
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New posts guy here.

I don't go into a specific forum unless there's no new posts.


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New posts. The threads I reply to the most are probably in sports, gaming, and general discussion.


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Kyo Muramasa said:
This is what I usually check.

-General Discussion
-Pirate Forum
-Ideas and Support
I shall edit Vegito's post since his is similar to mine except for maybe like one forum or so^.^