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I was just wondering what the ratio of Male to Female users on the forums.
Alot of users name you can tell, but there are some that I cant quite put my finger on. also not everyone has utilized the "Gender" option in there profiles.

You dont have to respond to the thread if you dont want to give your gender away, but please vote in the poll
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what? no pink?
16 hours?! wow! I wonder how I missed it earlier today..... And I have been here off and on all day sheeshI just seen it tonight when I logged in to check the forum. Interesting lol

well we shall see what happens tomorrow anyway


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well, so much for trying to get a idea of male to female ratio of the forums...

though as the vote stands right now, I sont think it would change much, I believe we have more female members than male. I just wish more people would vite


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Ah yes...but do you know WHY we have more women than men? It's actually pretty simple....but I refuse to be the one to get torn apart limb-from-limb by being the one to say