Forum Section Idea - Community Commons


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I've seen this section done on other forums before and it usually works out pretty good

What is a community commons section you ask? Well, basically, its a section for community based things. We have the lounges of course, but those are specific to different groups (ie premium, vip etc) and we have sub talk but that's just a place for jabbering on etc.

What I think would be cool, is a section where everyone in this community can go to talk about community stuff as a whole.

For example: Chaos's lit game. The sign up was in the literature section. Only people who browse the literature section are going to see it right? Well, with a community commons section, he'd post the information and sign up thread in there. The whole community would be checking that section and see his sign up thread. And then once the thing started, chaos would have just made the game thread in the literature section.

It'd also be a great place for members to post an event idea. Perhaps someone thinks it would be cool to do a mario avatar/sig theme for a week. So they make a thread in community commons for sign ups. Everyone signs up and discusses the idea. And the whole community can easily see it and is exposed to it, rather than it being posted in a blog, or forum games section.

Basically, it's a section to promote wider involvement in the various activities within the different subsections, and then once people are joined up to the activities, the actual event takes place in the subsection.

In other forums, usually this section was combined with the welcoming forum and the birthday announcement forum. With welcome and birthdays being subforums of community commons.

I think that having one section where all the forum activities can be seen and signed up for will go a long way in helping the community become more close knit, and encourage some of the less active people to become more active, since now it'll be easier to see whats going on.

That's just an idea I had today, so I figured that I would make it known. Cheerz.


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We used to have a similar thing in another forum. The section was called Cafe Connections. It's where people go talk to each other, invite each other, requests to play or to chat, looking for other members and stuff. It's almost similar to what we have been doing with SubTalk already except that no one messes the threads with really useless and off topic replies the way ST threads happen here.