Forum awards?


Supreme System Lord
Okay we might already have this and I may have over looked it but on my forum we have an annual award system where we commend certain members for the services to the forum.

We also have a prize for the highest poster, highest thread starter and a best admin and best non-admin and loads more.

Would this be a good idea or am I talking cobblers?


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Hey I like the sound of that proposal, though that depends on how others even like the idea or not.

That could be something nice to do ya know, so everyone gets a chance at something if their not good at something else.


living on the border
I think that he means like random awards, stuff that the forum doesnt automatically hand out. And if he does me random awards, then that would be really cool


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
I think Red is thinking along the right lines.

Someting like the contest awards, except you hand out a few at one time for all the things and more he mentioned.


Supreme System Lord
Thats right, I don't mean awards just for posting I mean awards for the person who offers the most pertinent posts and the person who offers the best ideas.

We could also have prizes for the:
Wittiest member
Best newbie
Best admin
Best non-admin member
Most creative

There just some ideas, Im sure others could think of better ideas but the format did work on my forum and it could work here too.
As long as people dont start fighting over stuff like that...

That sounds like newgrounds, and as some of you may know, newgrounds really sucks.

Like, a whole lot

It sucks allot

It sucks...

Real bad







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I was actually thinking of doing something exactly like this. I'll make an official thread for it later. Unless you want to be in charge of it.