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Do you believe in types of fortune-telling? Such as: palmistry, tarot cards and reading teacups?

I think that palmistry could possible tell people something about themselves. I went to a museum one time and it said that depending how many horizontal lines you have on the side of your left palm will tell you how many children you will have. I don't think your hand can tell you how many children you can have because it's your discussion. But there are other thinks like age it could tell.

I really don't know much about tarot cards besides they're a whole bunch of random cards and depending what random order they are in, they can tell you how you are going to die or something foolish like that.

Reading teacups also is another dumb type of fortune-telling in my opinion. It's just a whole bunch of wet tea leafs that lie randomly in the bottom of a cup. I don't think anything can be told from them besides you need to get yourself another cup of tea. It's not going to give some type of evil symbol that means you are going to die like in Harry Potter.


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No, most things of that ilk tend to simply be the playing of words. By describing someone's fate with a lot of separate ideas, you're bound to get several right, and they will latch on to those. However I don't think it's any worse than anything else that's somewhat supernatural.


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I think it's hilarious that some people have to read their horroscopes each day, just to get guidance. Fortune telling is just a play on people's needs to know what lies ahead of them and the troubles they face.
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Mr. Blur said:
Stop making all these threads and not even taking the time to post a decent opening entry. This is your last warning.
Don't worry, I've talked with him about this already. He'll do a better job.
Fortune telling is just another form of entertainment... I doubt anybody of any intelligence goes into a palm readers and expects to walk out knowing specific details about what is actually going to happen in their future. It's all about the fun of going through some "mystic" experience that you ordinarily wouldn't have.


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My mom has this fortune telling thing that actually works(in my experience at least). I don't really know what it's called, but it's some Asain thing. There's like this huge circular chart with a whole bunch of markings and such. It's not necesarily used to predict specific actions/events, but rather to tell you when things will go smoothly or when you'll be having tough times. It's really interesting, really.

As for palm reading and those cards, I don't really believe those. It's just some entertainment like Senator said.

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Lmao Merc, it seems your like his babysitter on here.

Anyway, another possibility is that the people telling the fortunes have the ability to act like a human lie dectector by looking for facial movements.


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Interestingly I have my own tarot set. After trying it, I've noticed that most situations the cards say are generaly shared by other people.


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The thing that makes fortune telling work is that humans tend to remember things that apply to them, and forget others that don't. Also, we stretch the vague fortune telling description to apply to us. Fortune telling is flawless as long as we lie to ourselves.