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Sally Twit
Have you ever spoken to a psychic/fortune-teller? Did they tell you anything that was true?
Do you believe in their ability or do you think it's complete rubbish?

I've never been to see one but I know people that have. Most of the feedback I've had is that they say a lot of things that anyone could identify with.
I'd like to go to one for the experience and to see what they said about me.


New Member
most of the ones i find just say general things that could happen to anyone, like how horoscopes work; they tell you a bunch of different things about you and how you are today and as soon as you think they predicted one thing right, you start believing the rest.

it's a cool kid of mind trick, and in that sense it becomes true. it's mostly just garbage to me though.


Lion Rampant
Goat thread!* I'm actually very ambivalent about this. Ordinarily, I would consider myself a walking snopes and I "pooh-pooh" things like TV's "Psychic Children" when they present no empirical data. By the same measure, I've seen things firsthand regarding apparent psychic ability that scramble my mind completely.

My ex, for one, seems able to tap into a strange conduit of otherwordly information. It's fascinating and one of the few reasons I still hang around with her. Otherwise an attention whore in the absolute, she's very reticent and humble in this area and professes credibly to be overcome with her seeming gift. She warned that a friend had stomach cancer -- correct. Becky knows nothing of medicine and doesn't pretend to. She told a family where to find a deceased member's diamond ring -- correct. Would never have charged a penny to save her life. I see these things consistently.

One night she giggled in her sleep and I asked, "What's so funny?" thinking that I could have a laugh at her dream. "You," she said, apparently without arousing from her slumber. "You're wearing one red sock and one blue. Tee-hee!" I did laugh as I got dressed in the morning, knowing that all I owned were white sports socks with little bits of color.

But later, as I dropped trou for a nice squat on company time, I looked down at my feet and was stunned--no, horrified--to see that my socks were, in fact, mismatched. Each had three stripes near the top and I hadn't noticed in the dim early morning light that the stripes of one went red-blue-red and the other went blue-red-blue.

In all these years, I've only known her to be [apparently] wrong once. She feels able to tell a real psychic from a 'gypsy' fake and has gone to a couple in the area, bringing back tales of fortunes told whose accuracy over time makes my jaw drop. And yes, I am aware of, and can factor in, the Forer effect.

You tell me, what am I supposed to think?

*Couldn't decide if it was good or great
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I don't usually go to fortune tellers for 2 reasons:

1 - I don't believe anything they say
2 - And if believe them, I'm afraid of the negative things that the future brings and I'll get obsessed over knowing them beforehand so I refuse to know anything and let the events come to me by surprise.