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    First race of the season gets underway in Melbourne, Australia in the next few hours.

    We have new rules, new cars, a new team(BrawnGP) and even a new driver(Buemi).

    Qualification was exciting to watch it was difficult to make any guess on where the drivers would qualify and a few big scalps fell by the wayside. The new cars are proving a handful and you can see which teams are adapting better than others.

    Of course F1 is nothing without a few upsets. Last years championship winner Hamilton had gearbox issues and only qualified in 15th, to make matters worse they are replacing the whole earbox so he gets a 5 place penalty putting him on the back of the grid.

    Toyota have run into trouble with the stewards after there cars were outside of the new regulations, with a wing infringement. They bend too much apparently:confused: Consequently both drivers have been put to the back of the grid and must start from the pitlane.(which means Hamilton now starts in 18th).

    Im quite happy at the moment, I used to be a Honda fan, and now they have come back as BrawnGP they have gone straight to the front row:D not often a new team has such opening success. I think they will easily win the race tommorow but the scrap behind them between BMW, Ferrari, RedBull and Williams will be awesome. I think it will make for a realy exciting race.

    Also we have the issue of KERS; Those who had it qualified poor but when it comes to car against car racing will that extra 80hp make overtaking easier. We will wait and see.


    So who are you supporting? Who do you think will win? Are all the chnages good for the sport? Will the opening race be an exciting one?

  2. Nixola

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    I'm quite impressed with the new Brawn GP team, I wasn't expecting them to perform so well to be honest, but all the effort that has went in over the past few weeks looks as though it has paid off well.

    As for changes, I really hate the looks of the 2009 cars. I think they look old now, like they did back in the 90's with the rear spoiler looking so chunky and the front lip of the car being wide and chunky too. I prefered last years cars, they looked better.

    I watched the race today and during the race I was pleased but at the end I was not happy. I support BMW, but more specifically Kubica, he was looking good at the end until he went to overtake Vettel about 3 laps from the end, and they crashed meaning the end of the race for both Kubica and Vettel. So I wasn't best pleased with that. They both lost out on some good points.
    Then I was surprised to hear that Vettel got a penelty for apparently causing the crash between him and Kubica. I think it was more Kubica's fault to be honest...
    I wasn't surprised to hear that he also got a $50,000 fine for not taking his car off track when it was damaged, because obviously that is against the rules.
    I was also a bit disapointed in the Ferraris aswell, I thought they would perform better than they did, but they both ended up DNF, which was a disapointment
    Overall I think it was a good enough opening race for the 2009 season. We had two unexpected drivers on the podiums.
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    The cars look classic, it's not a bad look, I agree with the chunky spoiler but it's a look I could quite easily get used to.

    I enjoyed todays race. I'm a McLaren fan so I was pleased and surpried with Hamilton's promotion onto the podium, I can't imagine how Trulli must feel after his wild celebrations at the end only to be fined 25 seconds putting him out of the points.

    Good for Brawn but I'll be surprised if they keep it up, a few things went their way today but you can't deny Button's a quality driver, next weeks race will be an even bigger indication to see whether they really do mean business.

    I reckon this season will be one of the closest and most competitive we've seen for a while.
  4. Bananas

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    Im surprised either got penalised, I thought it was a 50/50; Vettel for loosing control of his car and Kubica for not giving him any room. It was also the type of high adrenalin competitive crash that makes the sport exciting its a shame to discourage it with penalties.

    I was surprised Hamilton finished 4th(orig) with both the Toyotas either side of him after they all started at the back of the grid. It goes to show how open the race was, I also think through out the race there was a little more racing and less dependency on strategies like there used to be.

    My only gripe for the race were the safety cars, I really dont like the rules surrounding it. With Nakajimas crash by the time the saftety car got on the track and had the other cars following it the debris had already been cleared two laps previous. Meanwhile the back markers can unlap themselves and continue racing around the track, which in my opinion kind of renders the whole point of the safety car useless.
    Latest News:
    The Official Formula 1 Website much happening this season already. Im looking forward to next weekend, I wonder what else will happen between now and then, a number of teams are before the stewards on different matters.
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  5. English-Emo-Boy

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    This is turning more into a comedy play rather than a world class driving competition.

    It should be more like football in the way that the first decision made is final, regardless of whether it was the correct decision or not. At least then we all know where we stand.

    We can't keep having inquest after inquest. It wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't the end of the Australian fiasco.
  6. Nixola

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    When I first saw this on the news I was pretty surprised to be honest.
    I didn't think they would have a second investiagation.
    As much as it makes for discusssion etc I agree with what EEB said- it is pretty annoying when they have investiagation after investigation, and I agree that this might not be the last we hear about this particular matter.

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