Formula One


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I see it getting mentioned more frequently on the GF boards. We are mid-season but its never to late for a thread.:)

Any F1 fans?

Who is your favourite team and driver?

Do you have a favourite circuit?

Any Predictions for the 2008 season?

Any memorable moments, highlights or anything else that you enjoy with F1?

Me, I'm a fan of Jenson Button and the Honda team. They are not having a successful time of it at the moment:(. What I like about them though is they always have time for the fans, they talk to the TV crews and are not afraid to explain the strategies for the benefit of the viewers. Mark Webber is another driver like this, minutes before the race he will still be talking to the cameras and waving to the fans, whilst most other drivers are cautious of who they talk to whilst they mentally prepare for the race.

My favourite track is probably Spa-Francorchamps. The unpredictable weather, fast straights and complicated corners are a perfect mix for a great race.

Who is going to win this year? Anybodies guess! Probably Hamilton! Although I would like for Kubica to sneak in and steal it whilst Mclaren and Ferrari fight it out. Kubica is consistent and more often than not has good solid races which churn out points at a steady rate.

Whats your views on F1?


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McLaren owns the best car at this moment but Ferrari isn't far away, maybe Ferrari comesback in the next race and Massa or Raikkonen would win then.
We'll see then.
Also i see of differences in different tracks how Ferrari works for example.

I have always liked very much of K.Raikkonen as he's very even racer but can to take a risks.
At this moment shouldnt starts talking who wins when the season isn't over really.
Felippe Massa is underrated IMO, though.
Here in Finland some guys underrated him BIG TIMe which is a pity as i have seen him getting better for the driver this year(also a bit last year as well).
I say Hamilton, Raikkonen and Massa someone of they is a champion.
In my mind Raikkonen is most even driver of them.
He has been almost always very much of bad luck.

Formula rules.


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I whould like it if i could watch it but NASCAR rulse the racing on tv here so if you have anyother ways for me to watch it i would greatly appreciate it.