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    All right, the Formula 1 Season is approaching its climax. Next weekend is the Japanese Grand Prix, after which their are 3, possibly 2 races left.

    Mark Webber of RBR-Renault has the lead with 202 points, due to his exception wins earlier in the years, and despite being retired early on at the European Grand Prix.
    He is followed by Fernando Alonso of Ferrari who has had inconsistent results up to the Italian and Singapore Grand Prix where he has come in first. (his Italian Grand Prix victory was under question when team mate Massa held the lead the whole race but Team Ferrari ordered Massa to let Alonso pass.)
    Lewis Hamilton is in third with 182 points, despite being retired 3 times this season, two of which during the last two races. He has taken flack for his recent crash with Webber at Singapore, but an ongoing investigation is looking into perhaps a racing accident, where neither will be penalized. despite this, he believes he can still win.
    Sebastian Vettel is just behind Hamilton, so he could possibly win as well, but I don't see that happening. He is a reckless driver, and that has brought him under fire several times this season, and has caused several crashes, two of which at Belgium.

    Team RBR_Renault has the Manufacturers lead with 383 points, thanks to the combined effort of Webber, driver leader, and Sebastian Vettel (4th) totaling 383 points. McLaren-Mercedes is behind with 359 points. Both Jensen Button and Hamilton have had solid performances. I don't see Button as being a champion this year, but Hamilton could very well still be in the game.

    Ferrari is third with 319 points. I see them as out, mostly because this has not been their year. They have been fairly inconsistent with wins, and Massa hasn't won a Grand Prix yet. Alonso could win the drivers Championship, but Massa is dragging ferrari down.

    So, I see it as a shoot out between RBR-Renault and McLaren. Webber may be the best driver, and Vettel is great as well (though reckless and "immature"), but Lewis Hamilton is a great and brave driver, and Jensen is deffinately more experienced than Vettel. RBR-Renault have the fastest car, but they don't have the Blown diffuser that Mclaren uses, which gives them a huge advantage in the corners.

    Japan is a fairly fast course, but their are plenty of corners, with great chicanes and a few hairpins, so McLaren could use the Blown diffuser in the corners, but they will suffer at Suzuka's straits. RBR-Renault will hold the advantage in the straits, but they don't have the blown diffuser, so they will lose in the corners. I see Japan as going either way.

    Korea may or may not happen. The track isn;t completely built, and their is huge dust problems as well, and it may not be approved for safety in the three weeks leading up to the race. Inspectors will go to korea after next weeks race. It isn't nearly as fast, and has way more corners, including a high speed hairpin, so McLaren's blown diffuser definitely gives them an advantage. But I wouldn;t count Ferrari out here, but it may very well not happen, in which case, Ferrari doesn;t stand a chance of winning the Championship.

    Abu Dhabi is a fairly balanced race, with several long straits very closely connected, but between them is a large series of corners. RBR-Renault and McLaren will be evenly matched, but Ferrari is not far behind, and Alonso is on a roll, but may not be by the time of the race.

    So, I see RBR-Renault as winning, but I don't count McLaren out, and I see Ferrari's chances as low.

    Alonson may win, but the coming tracks favor McLaren and RBR-Renault cars better. So the coming month will be exciting. we can only wait to see if Korea will even happen, and who wins at Suzuka.

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    I thought this was going to be about the codemasters game that came out last week...

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